My hero...Einstein!     My hero...Einstein!

Jack Basuk's Folly

                Quote 1: I have been told I am the only person who can argue in an empty room.
                Quote 2: I reside in two worlds.  The first is the world as it should be. It has shaped my politics. 
                             The second is the world as it is.  It has shaped me - into a cynic.
                Quote 3: Everyone should have the courage of my convictions, with one exception, me.

Jack's Writings



Tales for the Wise and the Foolish:

Reader, be amused, entertained, puzzled or amazed. My tales will enchant or haunt you. Read on...

Science and Government: A Marriage of Inconvenience

The impact of science and technology on public policy.

Slow Death:

Work, the Silent Killer (also available through the Canadian Union of Public Employees)


Browse at will and reflect on my views of some important issues of the day.

All or Nothing
Health Editorial
Canada’s Constitutional Situation
Seniors and the Deficit
I.Q., Race and Public Policy
Suicide or Euthanasia
Seniors and the Uncertain Future of Medicare
The Fallacy of Causality
Toxic Paper: Regulatory Science in Canada


Jack writes, plays tennis and caters to the whims of his wife Nicky who lives at
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